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Inconel + ceramic powder Thermal barrier for Exhaust


Best today technology for thermal barrier of exhaust systems:

- Technology used in Fórmula 1, WRC, DTM etc

- Reduced up 50% surface temp

- Improve performance, safety and reliability

- Ceramic powder with Inconel layers

- Max durability. Experience with WRC, Porsche y Ferrari

Process time 2-4 weeks


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Ultimate today´s technology of heat barrier for exhaust systems of Motorsport of super cars.

It consists, in simply terms, in two thin metallic layers (Inconel and SS) with ceramic powder between them.

This achieves maximum possible isolation. In comparison with before plasma ceramic technology it achieves of 60% more isolate reduced up 50% of surface temp.

Universal application. We have experience in WRC, WRC2, Ferrari, Gts and Porsche among others.

Long lasting and better technology

Extreme duration. Maximum reliability.

The previous plasma projected ceramic technology (used for example by Zircotec) consisted of a solid ceramic layer of only 0.3mm, and in addition to not being as effective, the lifetime was very limited. For race application it was barely a year and a maximum of 3 (data provided by Zircotec itself).

This new technology is the best option for both, performance (60% more insulation) and cost, due durability exceeds 300% and the price is only slightly higher.


- Inconel layers of 0,2mm thickness + interior ceramic powder

- Top level best today technology applied in WRC, Le Mans and Formula 1 

- Reduced up 50% temp surface

- Isolation 60% superior to old ceramic plasma

- Durability 300% superior to ceramic plasma

- Max thickness 4mm

- Improved engine performance and boost response

- Improve reliability

- Improved safety. Avoid fires due most of them are caused by leaks on very hot exhaust parts

- Reduced temp of engine compartment

- Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engine is turned off

- Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust 

How make it in your exhaust

Contact us by whatsapp: +34 644 433 489

Send us the exhaust part to Spain (Santiago de Compostela).

Process time is 2 to 4 weeks


Cost depends on piece

As general term, cost for short manifold cost is 750€ and long manifold (for example 4-2-1) is 850€

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