• Forged Titanium Valve retainers CNC 6g
  • Forged Titanium Valve retainers CNC 6g

Billet Titanium Valve Retainers R5 Gtt / R11


Super light TITANIUM spring retainers for Renault 5 Gt Turbo / 11:

- 100% Billet from Aerospace grade of Titanium

Only weight 6g (oem 18g)

- Allow win 1 mm space for valve spring (allow more lift)

- 100% own design and manufacturing in house

- Design using FEA analysis

Used in F1, WRC, LMP1...

Made in Spain



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Price for complete set (8 units).

This retainers allow win 1 mm clearence space of spring, for have the 33mm necessary for Piper Cams springs.

Titanium is harder than OEM retainers of soft steel, allowing them to extreme durability.

NOTE: Necessary to install Piper Cams reinforced springs. They have been specially designed to win 1 mm clearance space in the spring, because Piper Cams springs must be mounted to 33mm, when with oem and other brands retainers are only between 31.8-32mm.

To do this and to achieve the desired shape, the only material that meets the requirements, this alloy is forged aerospace titanium, Ti 6246 yield strength 1100N / mm2, well above the steel itself.

They can also be mounted in standard engines 100%, even with the original springs as it improves reliability by avoiding rebounds, increasing the life of the valve train components, especially valves and seats. They have no disadvantage compared to the original (except the price).

Necessary when the original camshaft is replaced by a higher-performance, as they are designed to operate at higher rpm and more height. Being much lighter allow valve operation at higher rpm, so the engine will now more high power, higher reliability and operation smoother.

Custom made by forged bar of titanio and CNC lathe. Ti is the best material for the retainers, and therefore used in F1, WRC, Clio Maxi etc.

The weight of the retainer valve and the weight of any element valvetrain, limited engine operation, causing some given rpm (about 6400 in this standard engine) the combined mass of elements train valves overcomes the spring force, leaving faithfully follow the shape of the cam, with consequent loss of power; and causing rattling between the different parts and stressing them to significant levels of fatigue.

Furthermore the mass of all components of the valve train produces another adverse effect: for opening the valves will not only have to overcome the force of the spring, but also the inertial components of all the elements, causing power losses extra and increased wear (especially on the camshaft, tappets and rocker arms).

Maximum quality and durability, 100% own design and manufacturing.

Made in Spain.

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